Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Breaking News: Prof Yunus wants to involve in BD politics

It has been published in national newspaper that Nobel laureate Dr. Yunus ready to take part in Bangladesh Politics. He expressed his opinion that this is a crucial time for Bangladesh Politics. He was talking with Bangladeshi Journalist in Zia International Airport on his return from a short visit to India and Bahrain. He was asking people of Bangladesh to decide what is the best time for him to form a new political party.

As a proud member of this blog please discuss this issue with all members. Then we will send this to BBC Bangla, Bangla TV and Grameen Foundation.

Questions may arise like:

  1. Do you think a person like Prof Yunus should form a political party?
  2. Do we want a Nobel prize winner to be a neutral person?
  3. Do we think Prof Yunus should not join in politics because at the end it will decrease his popularity as a friend of poor people.
  4. Is there anyone think that a successful economist doesnt mean that he will be a successful politician?
There are so many points can be raised. But at the end it is your opinion. Some people are thinking He will create a different tradition in BD politics.

Some people are thinking He can not be a politician....................

What do you think?


Tuhin said...

I must say that he sould not run for politicians...As all of know that he is a great politician...If he steps in the field of politics than he going to be make fooled himself...We know the answer why...

To be continue....

soul_is_dancing said...

The nation now has a consensus for a positive change and all should work for that. A state could collapse if transparency and free flow of information are absent.

Every responsible citizen needs some gigantic change in all institutions–should also be brought under the legal framework so that they provide information to the public to ensure their accountability. So my opinion, if Dr. Yunus really form a political party at least 50% of the population in BD they will support b'coz of his popularity, his talent, honesty, nationalism, literate, personality all his characteristics shows to respect him rather then other's involved in the field of politics. If erudite personality can take lead to the country then I believe, our dreams will come true and that won’t be far away. In a general sense, can’t any one be neutral, only can show to others but from inside - ideas, thoughts, mentality in all aspect definitely support/same with others that’s why, human being is a social animal.

We already observer all political parties in last 2 decades, all are the same only diff. is the name of political parties, their vision is strength and power, their goal is how to get money, money and only money and their politics is how to create unstable situation (being in opposition), and all those 3 thoughts they implements some how and we the general citizens are endure and pestering in all cases but for them nothing can impacts on their daily life as if they are thinking/fighting for national issues like poverty, hunger, human rights, law and orders, constitutions, nationalisms and so on all those issues.

If there is free flow of information, there will be no corruption, transparency in governance is a means to establishing social justice and economic development but lack of information and economic disparity are depriving the people of their basic rights and reducing production capacity. So, 90% of the problems, therefore, would be solved if the government could be made transparent and accountable.

Anik said...

Excellent opinion by shomen bhai

Its really true that BD politics was becoming a playground of few people and they want to keep the foul playing on and on.

All on a sudden the new caretaker Govt changed a lot of things which draw attention of general public.

dishonesty and corruption was all over the place in our country..from govt office to private institutions.

People are looking to embrace something new and something constructive that can make us to proud about our beautiful country.

I would say Dr. Yunus is a very popular nationally and internationally. Therefore, he should not join in politics straight away.

Now the question is why? because we do not want to see hampering of his nobel dream which is fighting against poverty. We want to see he is inventing more and more techniques to fight againts poverty.

As a result I want to see him as a social worker rather than in direct politics.

Now if i talk about direct politics which needs a group of people to back him up. But how can we feel right that those people will help him to the right direction???

From history we know that a leader cant be a good leader became collapsed just for his intimate people around him.

Thats why my opinion is whoever will be elected to govern Peoples Republic of Bangladesh they should offer him the highest constitutional position "The President"

thats all for now.

soul_is_dancing said...

There is hardly anyone on earth who does not love his motherland and its people. Even the most cruel or dangerous people carry a great deal of patriotism in their heart.

We know that you are under going to form a political party because you want to do some change and we appreciate it and obviously we will support you if we see that honest and patriotism (who work honestly and constructively) person came forward to hold your hand to build up a new Bangladesh.

We still believe you have that feeling very much within you and won’t hesitate to take the right person and right decision for the nation’s sake.

nandita said...

1. Dr. Yunus can form a political party and can be win in election, as at this moment we don’t have any alternatives. But people’s expectation is very high on him. So a new question arises - can he really make a reform or floating himself blindly following the bell-water.

2. An adult person can’t be a neutral one. We just want a Nobel Prize winner to be an honest, peaceful, and patriotic person.

3. The end result will depend on his activities.

4. Any devoted person can be a successful politician, it may not vary if he/she is an economist or not.

Shomen Bhai thanx for giving me the permission to share my thoughts…..