Thursday, July 20, 2006

Landmark for Dhaka: Whats Next?

Dhaka City

Jatiyo Sritishoud
Raju Bhaskarja

Shaid Minar

Till now in our blog, most discussed landmarks are :

  • Shahid Minar
  • Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban
  • Jatiyo Sritishoud

What is the conclusion? shall we discuss more? shall we ask our other friends and present our statistics here? we can do it by emailing our friends and present it we want to do that?..It will be exciting!!! we can give them a list of landmarks of dhaka and tell them to choose only one.


MSIB said...

Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban

soul_is_dancing said...
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soul_is_dancing said...

East-West-North-South, Bangladesh is the best, No doubt & hope no debate with that.:)

soul_is_dancing said...

all are excellent in architectural design with historical background name it and compare with others....

Anik said...

but it is not the debate for Bangladesh is good or not. It is not a debate for which architectural design is super either.
it is all about to select a landmark fromthis blog nothing serious , just to check our perception about Dhaka

soul_is_dancing said...

Ahasan Monjil...

Anik said...

Humm!I have two in my mind at the moment
Shapla Chattar: Because you will see so many dhaka city viewcard it is showing shapla chattar.
another is in motijheel , heart of dhaka's business area.

Another one possibly

National Parliament House: Becoz it is the most nicest architectural work in dhaka(i guess)

Let me think more which one I will go for.

Henrietta said...

"Shahid Minar"(Bisho Vasa Dibos er re presentative may be)...jekhan theke Bangladesh ektu ektu kore suru...poripurnota..."Srutu Shaudho"and finally Bangladesh and "Shangsod Bhaban"....

Anik said...

I think National Parliament House can reflect Dhaka City.
Shomen bhai why u think ahsan monjil?
I guess shongsad bhaban because of its modern approach which made dhaka gorgeous.

soul_is_dancing said...

On the bank of river Buriganga in Dhaka the Pink majestic Ahsan Manjil. It is an epitome of the nation's rich cultural heritage.

Todays renovated Ahsan Manjil a monument of immense historical beauty.

soul_is_dancing said...

Shahid Minar
Henrietta: am agree with you...

Symbol of Bengali nationalism. This monument was built to commemorate the martyrs of the historic Language movement of 1952. Hundreds and thousands of people with floral wreaths and bouquet gather on 21 February every year to pay respect in a solemn atmosphere.

Anik said...

ya soul_is_dancing I got your logic ...but shahid minar is for our whole country and nation.
ofcourse Henrietta we start our bengali revolution from shahid question here at all.

but my question is why we are getting imotional here. why we are not thinking just straight forward for Dhaka only.

we are not choosing a landmark for Bangladesh.

Please dear friends only Soul_is_dancing, henrietta and anik is participating here. others really dnt like dhaka may be.

boz said...

Hi guys, hope all u r ok and ready to place ur opinion of LANDMARK for Dhaka city. I m really sorry as a late participator just because passed few busy time last few days for my course work. Anyway, anik bhai, obviously i love our Dhaka city and like to join with u. firstly I wanna give u a big thanks to make a beautiful debate and my opinion is coming up.

boz said...

Boz is like to stand by shahid minar, the reasons are as follows:

Landmark basically represents its own county to the world and it should be unique. To be more specified if we look into statue of liberty, Tower Bridge and Eiffel tower, it is very clear which one is representing for which country. Just because all of them are unique and u can’t find any similar thing in others country.

We have got so many things such as Sahid Minar, Jatiyo Sritishoud, National Parliament House,Shapla chottor, Raju Vaskorjo in TSC doyel chottor, Ahasan Monjil. All of them are good but if u think domestically maybe u can find out many people does not know yet what is doyel chttor, raju vaskorjo, ahasan monjil? If u think internationally, same things will happen in the world except sahid minar and national parliament house. If u think domestically and internationally only sahid minar, jatiyo sritishoud and national parliament house has got this which we r looking for. But national parliament house is not unique as like as statue of liberty, Tower Bridge and Eiffel tower. Every county has got their parliament house as their own style. It could be a good architecture but not a landmark as it’s not a unique. The rest of two sahid minar and jatiya sritishoud, if we consider these two domestically both of them are same popular but internationally sahid minar is little bit up position. Because of sahid minar is the sample of international language day. And this is unique. Bangladesh is the only one country in the world who has got fight for protecting language. That’s why UN considers this and made 21 feb international language day as their respect and honour.

Guys if anyone tell u that I m going to see statue of liberty or Tower Bridge or Eiffel tower u can easily understand in which city he/she is going. I hope in near future people will say I m going to see sohid minar the people will also understand in which city they wanna go because it has been starting to become unique as like as statue of liberty, Tower Bridge and Eiffel tower.

Finally, according the above reasons boz is like to stand by sahid minar as landmark of dhaka city and also welcome to everyone to argue.

Anik said...

fantastic Boz! now even I am getting biased due to your nice and quite strong argument. Ya you have shown some fantastic logic which needs more argument from people who does stand by other landmarks.
it seems till now you, soul_is_dancing & henrietta have selected Shahid Minar.
Me and MSIB was saying National Parliament House.

But the reason u showed that every country got parliament so we need somethng special that other city does nt have.....

the only exception with the whole world is our Language movement in 1952 , that was held in Dhaka.
in that point of view shahid minar will be the great choice.....

anyone got different idea?

MSIB said...

gr8..Boz... nice commnets and tought. I really appreciate this that u spent times on it, which indicates u think abt our country ... our matribhumi. But i m sorry to say I got slitly diff opinion.

If its abt could be "Jatiyo Sritishoud" ... and if its abt may be "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban"

Yes its ritgt that landmark must have some uniqness... My opinion is , according to our current feeelings and also very strong relation with our history & nationality, these 2 have da uniqness... current feelings mean.... if we see any pic or vdo anywhere in da world of these 2 ... our first feelings comes in mind... dhaka or Bangladesh ... yeh definately there are so many which brings this kind of feelings in mind... but these 2 r diff...

Well , I agree that Shadid Minar might be one ... but Shahid Minar only represents our language movements.... But "Jatiyo Sritishoud" represtes both Language movement & our Independence ... Another Point is we have several Shahid Minar in our country, also in outside of country.. like London.... But "Jatiyo Sritishoud", only one in Dhaka, no where else in da world ... So its has strong reason to be an icon of Dhaka...

Now abt "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban" ... It could be da representative of Bazngladesh ... i don't know wheater u guys knows 1 thing... our Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban is 'one of Seven wonders of the world: Architecture' .. check the following link " "

Yeh... evry country national parliament house... but they don't have "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban" , which represents our whole country... our Emotion.. Our independence...


boz said...

Hi guys, it’s really nice to see you strong participation to come out a result, what should be a landmark for Dhaka city from your own view??
Thanks msib and anik for your nice and strong argument, Well-done. Personally I want to say one thing, “I can’t learn anything from him who agrees to me.” So your argument is welcoming and appreciable. Let’s have a look what is coming up…….
Landmark: Originally, a landmark literally intended a geographic feature, it should be prominent, well-known, good architect, unique or important historical background and it should be based on a piece of land
Statue of Liberty: Over the last 120 years, the Statue of Liberty has become an internationally-recognized symbol of freedom and democracy. Today, it is recognized as a symbol of liberty throughout the world.

Eiffel Tower: The Eiffel Tower was built for the International Exhibition of Paris of 1889 commemorating the centenary of the French Revolution. 700 proposals submitted in a design competition, Gustavo Eiffel's was unanimously chosen.

Tower Bridge: since 1894 Tower Bridge is one of the finest, most recognizable bridges in the World.
Now If we consider above three with landmark definition all of them are fine. Now let’s go for sahid minar.
Sahid minar: sahid minar is the sample of international language day. And this is unique. Bangladesh is the only one country in the world who has got fight for protecting language.
Now if we think about sahid minar with landmark definition, we can see sahid minar is also fine as like as SL, TB, ET.
It has important historical background, unique, it is prominent and well-know from Bangladesh to Brazil and rest of the world and also now recognized by UN.
For Msib: at the begging of this debate u were stand by Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban, now u are stand by Jatiyo Sritishoud. MR msib as a debater u should be confident instead confuse and u’ve made me confuse as well to put my argument as I don’t know yet which one u r supporting, Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban orJatiyo Sritishoud? And I m sure tomorrow u ll say “ami bozar shate hath tullam” hahahaah.
Now let’s have a look ur some point.
1. evry country has national parliament house... but they don't have "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban.
Misb, if u translate ‘Jatiyo Sangshad’ what ll be the transformation in English and if u translate national parliament house what ll be the transformation in Bengali. Misb u r …………… hahahahah.
2. Sangshad Bhaban is 'one of Seven wonders of the world: Architecture.
Misb, Yeah u r right. But as we have number one, unique well-known, prominent and also world recognize sample so why u r trying to go for number 7? Moreover its not unique.
3. Jatiyo Sritishoud:
Misb, as this is out of Dhaka so I can’t go for this. Just because if some one ask you “in which room u r living if show the whole house it doesn’t make sense.” But I have respect for Jatiyo Sritishoud.
Overall: MR misb “It is nothing without the spirit and it is everything with the idea." If we look into1952 in vasha andolon we could see there had lot of spirit and also it was with idea as a result we got our independent 1971.
I know and believe that everyone knows this history whatever I wrote it doesn’t mean to small look ur knowledge, just for argument. Wish u good luck ur argument.
So boz still now stand by sahid minar according the above reasons and also look foreword hearing from u.

Anik said...

but Boz you avoid one thing that msib said.
msib said there are more than one shahid minar i.e. one in london near bricklane and chittagong central shahid minar. May be some also in local city.
So in this case it is not unique in a sense of landmark.(am i right?)

so Boz whts your argument here? whats your logic?

boz said...

yeas, i forgot but didnt want to avoid, anyway, that is true we've got some same sahid minar nationally and internationally. not only in london maybe usa, canada and somewhere els. look, the history of sahid minar now internationally recognize. at the same day the whole world remember their own language and try to understand the improtantancy of language just because bangladesh got fight for that.they feel Sympathise for ous. they aslo try to understand if someone tell them that from today u can't speek in ur language, u have to use this this (some other) language then what gonna happen which was happend with bangladeh. so to remember this sort of things have to have one sample. sahid minar is this sample. just have a look one example, if we wanna pray properly we need either mosque, mondir, charch etc but whatever we do in pray time in mosque, modir or charch, the resons onle allash, gud, sahid minar is also sample to remember own language but the resons behind bangladesh. as sahid minar is now world prominent, well-known and recognize so not only in london in near future we can see every country will have sahid minar. in that sense sahid minar is more populay and prominent rather than SL. TB, ET. as they don't have any internationally interest and connection.
guys, in that point i am still stand by sahid minar. good luck 4 ur argument and have a lovely time. boz

MSIB said...

come on Mr Boz... don't say anything which is meaningless... Anyway thanks 4 reading my comment. But its disappointing that u just cleaverly skip some points. I m sorry to make u confused abt my stand. But I m sure that as a cleaver person definately u understands abt my standings. Just don't skip da following line... "If its abt could be "Jatiyo Sritishoud" ... and if its abt may be "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban"
My first comment was for Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban , as i thought that da proposal was for Bangladesh. Hope now it'll help u to remove ur confusion.

Another thing... look carefully I've used da word... could be or may be... which indicates... thats my opinion. But in ur case seems its da mater of ur life & death.u'll not changed it anyhow. be practical.don't behave like Bangladeshi opposition party.. LOL. Accepts the others logics & updates ur knowledge accordingly... :)

I m against of Shahid Minar as an icon of Dhaka, it dosn't mean that i m against of our emotions behind da Shahid Minar.Yes I m fully agree with ur defination abt Landmark. But Shahid Minar doesn't fullfill one main criteria.. da uniqness... If anyone shows u da pic of Shahid Minar of Tangail... U can't say that is dhaka... and thats da point where our Shahid Minar is failing as an icon of dhaka. So suggestion is plz change ur stand beside Shahid Minar to something else.. that Could Be.... Dhakeswari Mondir, Shapla Chattar, Baitul Mukarrom Mosque, Lalbagh Kella, Jatio Sangshad Bhaban or Jatiyo Sritishoud

As my Lil knowledge , I know that Jatiyo Sritishoud is in Savar which is belongs to dhaka district. if anyone see our Jatiyo Sritishoud pic, it brings in mind.. Dhaka ( Not Tangail or any other place ).

Well I understand its not in Dhaka City, so if we want to srict only in Dhaka City, then we can think abt something else... But Never Shahid Minar or Jatiyo Sritishoud. But for only Dhaka... Jatiyo Sritishoud is perfect. ( No need to mention emotions or history behind this, every body knows abt that).

Now abt Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban. I m sorry to say that u need to update ur knowledge immediately. Before doing that just do 1 thing... go to wikipedia ( I think i don't need to explain what is wikipedia & its importance in current world) and type in serach box with your traslation of Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban which is "national parliament house" and don't forget to add "of Bangladesh"... bcoz Every country has National Parliament house, But they don't have "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban"". We can dream of that day when everybody of the world 'll use "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban" instead of National parliament House.... like how the english speaking country uses da word GURU instead of specialist.

Cheers to all

Anik said...

if we see shahid minar in every country as you said (wished) in your previous comment...then it cant be a landmark or icon for dhaka.

some more landmark/icon examples:

1. tajmahal - Agra (india)
2. great pyramids - Giza (egypt)
3. The colosseum - Rome (Italy)
4. Golden gate bridge - San Fransisco (USA)
5. Red Square - Moscow (Russia)

Shahid Minar is the most touchy momument we have, and it is obviously the start of our revolution. But cant be a landmark for dhaka.

MSIB: I dnt feel jatiyo sritishoud as an icon of dhaka. I dnt know why it doesnt give me feelings to represent dhaka city. But it is obviously icon for our independence.

do you think we can find out something else?
for example :

Kamalapur station
Lalbagh kella

boz said...

msib: thanks for ur nice comment and tried to help me to get out from emotion. frist tell me one thing. are we doing debate or discuse to come out a result to find landmark for dhaka city?? if u think its a debate then we need 3rd party(person)to give us result or if u think not debate, just discuse and try to find out what should be landmark for dhaka.then we can change our way to discuse. yea,in a big sense the pint of unique or icon maybe sahid minar dosen't go for that. msib, u've said don't be emotional be practical. ok, if i agree with u and be practical then wecan't go for Jatiyo Sritishoud, sahid minar and also Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban as u said ur previous comments lat para "Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban" , which represents our whole country... our Emotion.. Our independence..."
as all of them are with emotion so we can't go for one of them as u pointed out. then we have to go for shapla chotor, doyal chotor, Kamalapur station,lalbager kella lab lab lab.

anyway, its really nice and i m enjoying this debate or discuse whatever. and like to give thanks msib specially for ur this comments caze u r improving and this 1 is batter than previous 1.

kotha hobee!!

kanak said...

hi guys

lets speak something about the land mark or icon of dhaka. all of your comments and statements show that you all have gone through lots of features and its an apriciable job done by you all. but arrogance should be avoided.

anyway, we got a lot of land mark choices so far and among all of them my best choice is for the 'Smriti Shoudho' although lots of discussion has been taken place already. we got lots of comments for and against of this. I like to draw your attention on three points ion this regard-

1) Emotional aspect: This moniment represents our indepedence war and innumerable martyrs which is the biggest ever event in the history of Bangladesh. Lots of life and loss of respect of our women are involved here. each and every member of the people even the child getting the capability to understand knows about it. so emotional value of this is the most profound of all others like shahid minar or else.

2) International aspect: 21st February is an international day its a great pride for us no dout. In BCS exam preparation I got more than 365 international days a year and all of us know nothing about all. I am not avoiding the image of 21st february but this is a practical point.

on the other hand if any delegate from foreign coutries come to BD spcially the President or PM he /she should be in the Smriti Shoudho. Even Mr. Clinton visit this place and you will see lots of trees in the SS Ground which are sown by PM or Presidents of diferent countries. Because the starting point of Bangladesh is this.

3. Archietectural aspect: all the land marks given in the examples consist of the ever greatest beauty, design and asthetic pieces in the world. the landscape of the SS ground is one of the gest place in Bangladesh and for tourists as well. this is the better of all the modern civil engineering works except Samsad Bhaban. i beleve all such icons shouls have such architectural attractions like as Liberty Island (Statue of Liberty), Effle Tower, Taj, Pyramids etc.

above all, i think think this is the unique icon for Dhaka City. But as the confusion whether this is under the city or not i lokk forward to the old Dhaka which posesses the history, art and culture of Dhaka City.

another day for this old town

soul_is_dancing said...

I want to add this 3 as a landmark of Dhaka city :

Baitul Mukarram Mosque
Dhakeshwari Temple
Bara Katra

carry on guys... nice discussion...

Anik said...

kanak da good discussion, but if anyone ask you what is the icon for BD, im sure you will say sriti soudh...
so it is now conflicting.
icon for BD sritisoudh again icon for dhaka sritisoudh...(do u think guys it is okay? my little knowledge saying it is not ok)

boz said...

Msib, how r u?? It seems like that u r in bit stress and got upset. Don’t worry mate, I hope u ll be fine and I ll be able to reduce ur all anxiety. Anyway, still now I am stood by Shaheed Minar and u couldn’t get me in ur side yet. U said go to the wikipedia and type in serach box with your traslation of Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban and u also said don’t forget to type BANGLADESH. Whatever u tried to make me understand that is right. Mate, I wanna say u something, if u do the same thing in wikipedia in search box, I mean if type just Shaheed Minar then u ll get one pic and information as well even u don’t need to type BANGLADESH in that case. If u don’t trust me u can go for this link straight way. .

That does mean Shaheed Minar is entirely only one all over the world. It doesn’t make confusion like Jatiyo Sangshad Bhaban or parliament house.
According to the wikipedia “Today, the Shaheed Minar is the centre of cultural activities in Dhaka.” Not only cultural activities, if we look into properly, we could see each and every movement of Bangladesh whatever it political, social, cultural or educational every movement starts from dhaka Shaheed Minar and then spread out all over the country.

Guys when we need or claim something we go straight way to shaheed minar to express our opinion but when we are talking about landmark of dhaka city then we are looking for something else. It’s really funny. The beginning of any movement never started from tangail or mymensing shaheed minar, whatever. Even this local people need to say something they also come in dhaka shaheed minar to put their opinion. On one never go in front of sangshad bhaban or smriti shodho.

I do agree with u, yeas we have some more same shaheed minar all over the country but if anyone say shaheed minar is the landmark of dhaka then what u ll get in ur mind tangail, mymensing or dhaka???

Moreover it is internationally recognize. The world never celebrate our independence day with us but they have been celebrating our language day with us in a same day since 1999. The first International Mother Language Day celebration was UNESCO's Headquarters 1999. there United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan expressed support for International Mother Language Day which, he said, “raises awareness among all peoples regarding the value of languages.”(this is information not history & emotion) Reff: and the shaheed minar is the sample for that. I think it’s not fair enough to avoid shaheed minar and All we should think about it. Anyone if u can prove anything is recognized nationally and internationally rather than shaheed minar then definitely I ll go with him.

According to the wikipedia “Jatio Sriti Shoudho is a national monument in Bangladesh. And The Shaheed Minar is a national monument in Dhaka, bangladesh.” Like is bellow:

As we are looking landmark for dhaka so we can think about shaheed minar. So
Boz is still in his position as he isn’t convinced by anyone yet.
Kotha hobe. Boz

Anik said...

humm Boz nice references. good collection of information.

kanak said...

hi guys

i will state only two things today. the first one aboutthe International Workers Day or the May Day. I beleive this day is the most most known day and being observed in the world by highest number of people and no other international day is observed as like this. but I am confused how many people know the fact and purpose of the fact.

However my concern is with any monument commemoring this day. I hope some of us knows this. That is the HayMarket Square in Chicago. But it is for all of your kind information that in the list of Chicago land Marks this does not come in the top 20 list. rather Buchingham Fountain, Sears Tower, Millenium Park are the frontiers in this regard and I think all of us at least heard once in our life.

The second is UN (United Nations). Every body who has the least consensus aout his coutry and the the world at present knows what is UN. This is the most renowned international organization of the world. The Secretatiat of UN stands in the heart of New York. So to some participants in the blog this shuld be the one and only land mark or icon of NY. But in reality this cant not be marked as a top listed land mark in any list published so far. Rather the Stautue of Liberty, Central Park, World Trafde Centre, Ex- Twin Tower etc.

So I think we should first decide what will be the criterions of choosing the land mark of a city like Dhaka, the world's number one of top density of population.

For hunting the icon of Dhaka in the old Town I request you all to visit://`

Moreover, I support dancing soul about Baitul Mukarram Mosque, as Dhaka is already know as the City of Mosque and this is a unique of all the mosque in Dhaka at this moment.

No more today, thanks all

Anik said...

I strongly believe till now that
Jatiyo Sangshad Bhavan is the landmark for dhaka.


1. Seven wonders of the world (architecture)
2. One of the largest legislative complex in the world
3. Selected best democratic dreamscape by Time Magazine (May, 2006)

Its Features:

1. Inside the assembly building all the columns or pillar itself give light to the entire area. It seems like all the columns are lights.
2. The architect is Louis Kahn, who illustrate his dream as poetic entity
3. It is a complex mixture of art, engineering, technology and the symbol of protection from glare and fury of nature.

useful links:

Best Democratic Dreamscape
Seven Wonders of the world, Architecture
Aga Khan Award for architecture winner

soul_is_dancing said...

ki holo sober jimay galo naki... it's interesting topics and having a good debet carry on guys...

my choices are:

Shahid Minar
Baitul Mukarram Mosque
Ahsan Manjil
National Parliament House
Dhakeshwari Temple
Bara Katra

come on guys write urs..:)

soul_is_dancing said...

‘Pahela Baishakh is a landmark when we recognise our identity’

boz said...

thats the good idea. i think all we should do that.

boz said...

so what the result???????? shall we proced on????????

Anik said...

it seems all the members are no result yet....