Wednesday, July 20, 2005

welcome to amaderkotha

Buddies lets talk about us....we have lots of dreams. lets help each other to colour our dreams. :-)

Its been a long time now we are miles away from Bangladesh.
Some of you are in Sydney, Melbourne.. some of you are in Manila, Gottenberg, Stockholm, New York & some of us in London.

We have successfully graduated. Beautiful days passed.

I miss exciting days in Karjon Hall, DU.... beautiful days in manila.......and most recently our adda and real struggle with life in 37 Anne Goodman House (First flat in London where all of us shared our bread, happiness, dreams and tears).
members: Shomen, Nizam, Rayhan, Bozlu (mujhe maaro) , Biplab (dada + kaka), Andre(special Brew), Parvez, Mamun (doyal baba), Anik

Next version: Priyo, Kanak, Anirban (nicholas sarkar) , poromjit (choromjit)
Last Version: sumon (khali hashe) , munna bhai (not MBBS)

Its time to kick-off our life.

What r you planning now?


MSIB said...

Bhai... ai dhoron er pic dia amader bhat mairen na.... Amra akhon o bia kori nai.... :).... Dada r sathe arekta biseson add kora uchit... OGBC.... plz dekhen ai biseson ta add kora jai kina... ;) ... Cheers

Anik said...

paru do u remember bozlu said to DADA
One piece made
Karigor dead

OGBC dada ekhon baba hochhe

DADA + Kaha + Baba

boz said...

thanks buddy 4 feboulas work. wel done.

Anik said...

thanks boz....ur pic is really cool....hahaha....
amader r sobai koi? nizu ki BD te giya amago vuila gelo?
long time no contact from Nizam......dada blog e join korche but he is not using it...why?

boz said...

apnader douya arki!!

Anik said...

bhai ra douya koiren...amar dissertation cholteche....goto koek soptha kichu porte pari nai...eye problem (rog balai to ache duniai, valo thakar ache je upai)..

bhaijan ra beshi beshi doya koiren r amar bashai ashar somoy keski maach niya aishen :-)

boz said...

i'm fine,good and still alive. nothing wrong just trying to moving our communication and make some extra fun. u know how i m??????????????

Rayhan said...

it was a lovely picnic last night.after long time later all of us get together and had real fun, special thanks to chefs who prepare all nice foods.